Co-produced with the Pleasance Theatre Edinburgh

Transfer co-produced by the Drill Hall London

Written and directed by Rikki Beadle-Blair, based on the book by Martin Duberman

Adapted from the BBC FILMS/KILLER FILMS written by Rikki Beadle-Blair, directed by Nigel Finch, produced by Christine Vachon

Stonewall charted fictional events in the lives of several gay and trans people in the months preceding the Stonewall riots in New York, the first acts of civil disobedience by gay/bi/trans people anywhere in the world.

Greenwich Village, New York, 1969 -the birth of liberation and the cult of fabulousness.

We find outselves in the gloriously tacky Stonewall Bar.

MUSIC: 'Past, Present, Future'  by the Shangri Las

(LaMiranda - a 19yr old 'Flame Queen', stands in a spotlight.  Half-lit figures glimmer and glitter in the background.)

My name is LaMiranda Querides. I am nearly sixty years old and I am one of the last living Stonewall witnesses.  Yes, child, I was there on that wild summer night when a handful of  crazy queens seized the downtown streets and changed the world. I know, I know - there's as many Stonewall stories as there are old queens in New York...  and that’s a lot of queens honey.  But this here tonight is my story - My legend... 

(...Glitter falls around her in a heavenly shower.)

LAMIRANDA (cont’d)
...My Stonewall legend.  

Stonewall Still I am a homosexual! I have a right to be served in a homosexual bar! Stonewall Still "When you're you, sweetness, a face is all the I.D. you need..." Stonewall Still LaMiranda:"I don't do tears."
Matty Dean:"Really? That's all I do."
Stonewall Still "Back up,fellas! The bitches is back on the block!"