Angelic Tales New Writing Festival (& Louder than Words)

New writing, New Voices. New Visions

The variety of subject matter in our festival has been huge.  Period plays like 'Loon', which was set in the time of the Korean War and tough up-to the moment urban dramas like 'Shook'. With everything from thrillers to romantic comedies inbetween.

Many of the plays have already found their way out in the world, Hannah Chalmer's virtuoso one-woman show 'Stripped', and ensemble comedy 'Facebook Fables' were Edinburgh Festival hits. 'Til I Die had a succesful run at the Red Lion Theatre in Islington, 'Miriam Gospel' was awarded an Arts Council development grant, 'Best Man' won best new play at the Dublin Gay Theatre Festival, '' was developed at Contact Theatre Manchester, 'Slap' was invited to hold a gala reading live at  Channel 4, and both 'Step' and 'Crowning Glory' have been commissioned by Theatre Royal Stratford East. 'Loon' is set to be shot as a low-budget feature in 2013.

Many of our playwrights are also actors, some appearing in their plays and some not. All of them transitioning from jobbing actors looking for work, to confident creatives offering opportunities to others.

Each play is nurtured over several months and usually through several rewrites and edits, right up until the day of the first staged reading.  There is a audience Q&A with the playwright after each performance.